Sunday, 28 August 2011


Over the past week i have been playing around with the layering on latex. It's an interesting material to use and i wish i had thought of it earlier! i am trapping the materials between the layers and the effect is quite odd . i plan to make this piece quite large as i think i need that sort of effect for it to work well.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

over the summer!

over the summer i have been working had researching my essay and working on my current projects! i have also spent some time traveling around Britain and keeping myself inspired for my next year of uni! i have decided on the use of media and advertisements to sell products to people as the subject of my essay. i have also spent some time with light box's in my current project but all will be explained soon!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

over the last few weeks

over the past few weeks i have been focusing on some dissertation ideas and have received feedback on this year work, which overall i was quite pleased with!!!
i have been working for CT on some ideas for free for arts festival, however we have recently discovered that we will not be showing our work as part of a group. i am continuing my work on maps and my Ogden's project however so that i have lots to explore and talk about next year!!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

finsihing my work

This week i have spent a lot of time looking at the artist Alberto Burri and drawing inspiration from his technique of layering your chosen medium to complete work on my tobacco project. This is going well and i am excited to finish before we go back to uni so i can display the work in an exhibition in the Cavendish Bar that i am part of along with the others that are in Creative Transit.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lots to do

With all of the upcoming deadlines there is still a lot to do, last week i spent time in the Cube gallery helping with he take down, however this week i have to get my exhibition work completed for the show at Cavendish bar on the 10Th May. I have also designed some of the posters and flyer's for the event so i am very happy!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

cube take down !!!!!!!!!!

i have been putting in a lot of hours at the cube lately since we have been off, although now i am really tired. Today we had to remove a good part of the wood, metal and other materials from the site. My back hurts a lot! It was goof though because we have more time to be part of the work and the gallery as it is re-made into something else.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Green Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday was really good, we where lucky with the weather and it became really busy as the day went on! I arrived at 9am to set up, but helped other people with there arraging as well. I had some really good feed back and my work was very well situated away from the main path but right next to a stall filled with plants so it looked like the little men where invading his stall! I really enjoyed myslef although i was very tired by the end of the day!

wednsday 13th April

i have been really busy with my work for the green festival on Saturday, I'm really excited because my work is quite simple and fun. i am making little men made from rubbish that are going to attack the trees with little saws and axes. My work is based on how people are damaging our landscape by dropping litter, but as the festival will have a lot of children there, I've made mine as fun as i could. i have really enjoyed this project but i am really nervous also!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


this week i have been involved a lot with my essay,however i have had a private tutorial with Jon and i think it went really well. i want to now move my project on so i can come to some conclusion before the end of May. i think I'm going to make a sort of family banner but i really need to do some more research. will keep u informed!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Essay and much more

This week has been really mental! The essay is due in soon and there is lots of research that goes along with that! I'm completing my essay on shopping and consumerism and I'm glad because i like the subject a lot!I have been looking at a few artists this week regarding my university project including Banksey, who is mostly a graffiti artist, but i have been looking at his sence of layering to see if this could apply to my work. x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have joined cube gallery and i am enjoying working there, its nice to be able to study the work in detail and to expand my knowledge outside my own work. To be honest i was really supprised how much i loved working there, i was not sure if it was for me but i am definatly going to continue this as i beleive that it will really help me with my networking.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

its tuesday agian!!!!

This week i have been working hard on my current project for CT im really excited as this will be the first time i will be part of a group exhibiting our work although i am glad of the support! i have been adding layers to my frames of my tobbacco ink, but it is taking a while because i have to wait for each layer to spread but hopefully by next week i will have completed them and will be able to move that side of my work forward. i have been slowly working on my blanket project and it is working really nicely and i think i have done enough reasurch to move it on to the making stage!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

tuesday talk

This week i have been doing work that i can show and talk about today for the table top review, i feel like i have done alot of new things this week but the drying time of each layer has really slowed me down. This morning i went to the tuesday talk at the Whitworth, i quite enjoyed this week, the artists work together to make quite quirky work based on sound and animals. i have explained this in more detail in my journal.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2 day project

Over the past two days we have been completing a quick group project. Our topic was disassemble and reassembled; I really enjoyed the project as we were put into new groups with people we do not normally work with. It made me think and act a lot faster because you don’t have a lot of time to think, this was a very good exercise on building my confidence and just going with an idea. The first day was to disassemble a place item or image and on Tuesday we then had to reassemble the item back together, however on the second day we then switched our work with another group, so it sort of strained us to not just focus on our own ideas, but on others as well.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Last week

i have been completing some work to send off with CT and I'm really excited about it. i will be using it as my personal project also and complete a different one during uni time. My work is all about the use of tobacco and how it can effect peoples lives. i have used tobacco as the medium also, and that's what I'm so excited about.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

site project

This was a one week project, it felt quite rushed but i like how we just had to do it quickly and there was not any time to panic! I made a sign that went in the plants that have been walked on, it asked, "please do not step on me!", however to get the sign in i did have to walk all over them! This was a nice exercize to get us all back into the swin of uni!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas gone

Over the holidays I have focused on getting myself back up to speed and completing the journal for its hand in date. I have been experimenting with some photography over the winter but that is towards my personal project and my own curiosities! I have also competed my new CV ready to apply for lots of volunteer opportunities and I’m planning on starting off the new year well!

Result!!!! Wednesday 22nd December

I have had my tutorial on my review and I was really pleased. I need to do lots more work on my ideas that I have explained in my journal, but the feedback was positive I do need to be more time conscious though and make more of an effort when choosing the medium I work with as looking back it does seem confusing but everyone agrees that I have made a good start and there is lots of historical research behind this to help me with my project so I’m very lucky.

Review Monday 6th Dec

On Thursday I had my review it went well but I felt like some of the materials I used confused people as to my point. I used a lot of thread and I think people thought that was not consistent with the tobacco theme, however I like the ideas behind my piece but I can see their point. I’m glad its doe now I feel a lot more pressure off my shoulders!