Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Last Thursday we took part n a little review of our work so far. We had to set up our work lie an exhibition and talk about our processes and where we wanted to go. Because we all work in different ways I found it really interesting and no ones project was the same everyone had approached it in a different way. I liked everyone’s work and it was a nice peaceful day where we could just have a look at all the things that are going on. On Monday I had a tutorial with Hazel, which meant that I got some feed back from the review and was able to clarify here I was going. I am hoping to do a series of different things like mapping out shops, and building collages off my favourite piece I have done so far.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

liverpool x

On Thursday we went to Liverpool to visit the Tate and other exhibitions. Joyous Machines was the exhibit we went to see including work by Michael Landy and Jean Tinguely, I loved the fragile state of movement to the work. I have explained all of the exhibits and my thoughts and feelings in my journal entrée. Overall I really loved the exhibit especially how the machinery can look so complex yet have a basic function and be so fragile.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

back from my week

This week we are back in college after our reading week. I have spent the past week researching my essay and planning out images I want to do on canvas for the food project.
Next week is our deadline for this project. It will end with us doing a table top exhibition. I like what I have done so far, but I would like to produce a few new things including drawings to bulk my project out further.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

my week

This week I have been focusing on doing as many different designs as possible. Also I have worked on my sketchbook, updating it and including larger images and the Leonardo picture I did in the style of him.
I have also started doing a personal sketchbook which was recommended to me. This is so that any ideas I have I can quickly write down before I forget them.

very sorry this is late!

3rd November

I’m sorry about the lateness of this blog entree but I write all my blog ideas down and I forgot to upload them! Sorry!

Just a quick update about my project. I have been thinking about these fad diets and how random the division of food and portion is within them. So I just let fait decide on this one people! I smashed it by just dropping the plate in the floor, then painted each piece in a different colour and glued it back together. I like how it has turned out it is very random!

Friday, 30 October 2009

work work work

There have been a few things this week i have been working on. I have experimented with think textures by building it up and making marks into it by using forks and other kitchen things. I have based my project on, "my plate as a canvas." I have experimented using text and i am trying as many different ideas based on dividing up the plate according to the diet. I have also taken the time to think of ideas for a competition run by the BBC. It is an opportunity to win work experience within the BBC as they develop my ideas for the children's website, radio and characters. It's a really fast pace project, so we are meeting every week so the process is very fast. I think it will be a great learning experience as it will help me have a more developed practice.

Monday, 19 October 2009


FOOD . . . the idea behind my next project. Im going to be looking into how easy it is to find out about fad diets, how they can be bad for us and trying to show people that sometimes ideas for weight loss are just odd!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Party for my friend

My first blog an i dont know what to say!
Im gonna go and think of something really clever, check my spellings
and get back to you as soon as!