Sunday, 23 January 2011

site project

This was a one week project, it felt quite rushed but i like how we just had to do it quickly and there was not any time to panic! I made a sign that went in the plants that have been walked on, it asked, "please do not step on me!", however to get the sign in i did have to walk all over them! This was a nice exercize to get us all back into the swin of uni!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas gone

Over the holidays I have focused on getting myself back up to speed and completing the journal for its hand in date. I have been experimenting with some photography over the winter but that is towards my personal project and my own curiosities! I have also competed my new CV ready to apply for lots of volunteer opportunities and I’m planning on starting off the new year well!

Result!!!! Wednesday 22nd December

I have had my tutorial on my review and I was really pleased. I need to do lots more work on my ideas that I have explained in my journal, but the feedback was positive I do need to be more time conscious though and make more of an effort when choosing the medium I work with as looking back it does seem confusing but everyone agrees that I have made a good start and there is lots of historical research behind this to help me with my project so I’m very lucky.

Review Monday 6th Dec

On Thursday I had my review it went well but I felt like some of the materials I used confused people as to my point. I used a lot of thread and I think people thought that was not consistent with the tobacco theme, however I like the ideas behind my piece but I can see their point. I’m glad its doe now I feel a lot more pressure off my shoulders!