Monday, 19 April 2010

the rush!!!!

This week has been very rushed! I have finished my tent and have taken it into university but I cannot put it up and do the finishing touches to it until Thursday or Monday when we are allocated out exhibition spaces and the studio has been clear so I have space to put it up. I have photographed and logged all of my work for the year to finish my journal and include in my sketchbook. I have become more proficient in sewing and my time keeping this year and I have matured my level of work and thinking, which has allowed me to take my work to a different area. I have enjoyed doing my all of my work this year but by far my favourite is my most recent because I have been able to add a jovial side to it. It is also more personal, which motivated me more in completing my ideas and designs. Overall, I have loved this year. Trips, talks and projects have given me a mass of ideas for next year and future projects.

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