Wednesday, 6 October 2010

manchester art, and CUBE gallery

On Tuesday, as a group, we visited 2 exhibitions. The first was in the Manchester Art Gallery, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer called ‘Recorders,’ and the second was in the CUBE Gallery to see the ‘Designed Disorder and Interact shows.’ I answered several questions on each exhibit and then compared them and had a discussion in a small group from my year. I really like the first exhibit from Rafael as his work was really interactive and I liked how the viewer could affect each of the pieces. I loved that interaction between art and the viewer however was it because as a nation we like to be entertained by the things we view? At the CUBE gallery the work I saw was not that influential to me, I found the work hard to comprehend because the descriptions of the pieces were too complicated. Even though I know that the first exhibit was more obvious, I did enjoy and feel a stronger connection to this piece.

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